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Free parking in the vicinity of the hotel and protected hotel garage
Hotel guests can use free parking spaces in the vicinity of the hotel and the hotel garage. The parking permit can be acquired at the hotel reception.

Possibility of renting a parking spot
In the hotel’s protected garage there is also the possibility of a long-term rental of a parking spot. For more information, please contact the hotel reception– 03 898 0 700.

Perfect hotel for sportspeople
Excellent conditions for training camps of sports teams. We offer the teams the possibility of special nutrition (special menus, HALAL certificate, etc.), washing and maintenance of clothes, vicinity of sports facilities, the possibility of free use of conference areas, many years of experience in accommodating sports teams.

The conference centre of Hotel Paka also includes the town cinema. Movies are played on weekends, from Friday to Monday. More information:

Beauty salon
Hotel Paka also includes a beauty salon. More information on its services can be found at

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